Winning Big? Here Are Some Gift Ideas To Spend Your Cash On

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If the casino has been good to you in recent weeks, why not look to invest some of your cash pot into some gifts for your family or loved ones. Let’s be honest, cash is not always a topic that we look to talk about, especially if we are losing, but if we are on the up, then why not share your wealth with those around you.

We have some great gift ideas which you can look at for Christmas this year and assuming that you’ve been smashing the casino, money shouldn’t be a worry for you.

French Press

A French press coffee maker is a super cool gift and one which any fan of coffee will absolutely love, these presses make the best cup of coffee and they do so with a certain style. A coffee press can be picked up on the cheap for sure, but why not splash out for something really classy and highly attractive.


Drones are becoming super popular and if you have a friend or a family member who loves their tech and their gadgets, a drone could be an awesome gift. These drones will fly high above the Earth, controlled by you and your remote control and you can even find drones which will have a camera underneath them so that you can take awesome videos and photos from above.

Weekend Away

Instead of buying someone a physical gift, why not look to buy a weekend away for someone. Usually you will find that a cheap flight and a hotel room will cost the same as you could spend on a gift, and this is a far more exciting present than something which will find its way to the back of the closet.

Spa Session

Last year I had been doing pretty well at the poker table and so I treated my Mom and my wife to a spa day in a top hotel, they went absolutely crazy over it! I actually bought this gift on the hop because I was pretty ill prepared for the holidays and it went down a storm. There are countless different packages which you can buy in terms of which spa treatments the recipient will have, and there are many places that they go to as well. Give the gift of relaxation and pampering this year with an tranquil spa day.


I bought a Segway earlier this year and despite nearly breaking my back in the first week of using it, I have fallen in love with it ever since. At ┬áthe risk of being sexist, I think this is more of a big boy’s toy than anything else and it makes for a great present for any of your friends and family who haven’t quite grown up yet. The Segways go at quite a speed and once you have cracked them, you can take them down the shops or round to your buddy’s house in order to arrive in style.

And there you are, some gift ideas for you, completely on the house, go spend those winnings wisely.