Who Am I?

Alan here, maths with accountancy grad, world of warcraft lover, self-confessed geek but now i’m obsessed with poker and gambling, I sound much, much cooler!

Most people come out of university with a whole tonne of debt, not me. Online poker saved my bacon multiple times, it stopped me from having to get a job during my time studying, it allowed me to have much more money than my friends and house mates, and it paid for my summers travelling each year – pretty cool. What’s more, it wasn’t even that hard.

If you want to be a famous poker player, you have to be amazing. If you want to make a few grand a year from your hobby, then study and play with drunk europeans and americans online and cash those pennies in. Easy.

Then I got involved with football betting, horses etc, nothing outrageous, backing favourites and the money kept going. I now ‘gamble’ full-time, although I think it’s more educated than gambling. I work from home, or from my a coffee shop and pull in a very healthy ‘salary’, and it’s only going up. Read up on my posts and hopefully you guys can join me!