The Best Time of the Day to Play online Poker

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Choosing the right time to play poker online is extremely important. Playing at the wrong time can lead to bad results, not only for your online balance but also for the rest of your day!

You can’t really expect to get good results if you’re rushing, stressed, tired or hungry. So we have taken the opportunity to look at each part of the day and see which is best. For us, it doesn’t really matter what time zone you are in because there will always be thousands of people online, from around the world to play against.

In the morning

Some people are good in the morning whilst others amongst us are probably the grumpiest humans on the planet! You know yourself and how you are in the mornings, but we would always suggest having a shower, a coffee and something to eat before you open your laptop. Playing before work can be a bit dodgy for two reasons; you’ll be rushing/short on time, if you lose you’ll be in a bad mood, which will hamper your performance at work.

At the weekend when you have plenty of time is best for poker in the morning. You are generally more relaxed and certainly have more time to play.

In the afternoon

Usually the time we have free in the afternoon is during our lunch break. You’ll even save money if you bring in your own lunch to eat at your desk while you play. I like the idea that you have a set time to play (probably about an hour), because it means that you can’t keep going trying to recoup losses or waste and winnings you might have made. If you’re eating while you play hands of poker you won’t make rash decisions because your hands are being kept busy, so you can’t quickly go all in without checking 100% what the rest of the table is holding.

Just remember not to be chatting away to your work colleagues if you want to play poker during lunch, if you’re playing for real money then you always need to concentrate!

In the evening/night

You’ve finished work, you’re sat on your sofa relaxing, so why not open the laptop and play a few hands of Texas Hold Em? I think it’s the second best time of day to play, the best being in the morning at the weekend. There are things you should try not to do if you play during the evening/night; do not watch tv at the same time, don’t have too many glasses of wine, don’t play until the early hours when you can hardly keep your eyes open and don’t try to deposit more money if you’re on a losing streak after midnight!

When is your best time of the day to play poker online? It would be great to know when you find it most profitable to play or what time you simply have the most fun playing. Just leave your comments in the box below.