The Best Advice when Creating an Accumulator

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Who doesn’t love putting on an accumulator for about a tenner and having the possibility of winning thousands? I know that there are tens of thousands of people around the country who do just that every Saturday before the footy kicks off in the afternoon.

It’s a good laugh and sometimes you get very close to achieving that dream, but it always seems to be some other bloke that you read about the next day who won a hundred grand.

Accumulators can be great fun and massively profitable, but if you are sensible with your bets you can still make decent money. If you want to shoot for the stars then I would never stop you, but here are some simple tips that will help you place a good accumulator this weekend.

Don’t Bet On The Teams You’ve Never Heard Of

You look at the accumulator slip and you see some team in the Spanish tenth division who is odds on to win and the opponents are at crazy odds to win, it’s a dead cert, right? No, this is in fact where most people ruin their bets. Ask any of your mates how many acca have lost because some random team lost it for them – it’s happened to us all. 

Check The Team Sheet

Always check the team sheet, sometimes teams are missing their star players through injury or suspension. Then sometimes you have the weaker teams who have their stars back after a bad run. Pay attention to the news because it’s soul-destroying tuning in and seeing that Harry Kane is injured this week!

Avoid Cup Game

Nothing is more volatile than the FA Cup! Avoid it because you know that anything can happen, of course it’s fun to see the minnows beat a Prem team but you probably didn’t pick the minnows to win. Just enjoy the beauty of the cup and leave the acca till next week.

Throw A Draw In There

Nothing will multiply your winnings like getting a draw correct on your acca slip. Check the previous results for both teams and see if you can identify a match with a good chance of a draw. If you get 1 or 2 draws correct you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank or to the travel agent to book a flight to Italy! 

Mix It Up

You don’t just have to bet on a team winning for your acca. These days you can have absolutely anything on the betting slip and different types of results. For example you could have – Trump to win the election, Red Rum to finish in the top four at Ascot and Man U to win or draw against Benfica. If you think you can predict various things then add them to your slip.

What’s the biggest win you’ve ever had on an accumulator? Have you been on the verge of a huge win only for a dead cert to ruin your dreams? We’d all love to hear your tale, just put your comments in the box below this post.