5 Tips for betting on the footy

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Betting on football can be fun, profitable but also extremely stressful. At the weekend you will find betting shops full of people in the morning putting their bets on before the games kick off.

Of course it goes without saying that in sport anything can happen and sometimes freak results will occur that we can’t account for, but following a few simple tips can not only improve your chances but also make it much more enjoyable too.

Avoid The Derby

Derby matches between to great rival teams should always be avoided no matter what the difference in class is. These games are always high on emotion, the fans play a major part and there’s a good chance someone is getting sent off. They’re too tricky to predict so avoid them.

Don’t Bet On Your Boys

There’s nothing worse than betting on your team and they lose. If they win you’ll be happy without making any money, if they lose you’re certainly going to upset – so why add to the misery by losing some money? Leave your team alone and only want them to win because you love them.

Only Stake What You Can Afford

It can be tempting to lump on a huge amount on the unbeaten league leaders thinking it’s a sure thing. But it’s very rare that a team goes unbeaten all season. You do not want to lose a weeks worth of wages on the one game they lose, especially if you can’t afford it. So always, always, always, bet what you can afford. You still need money to do the weekly shopping!

Check The Fixture List

Sometimes it’s worth avoiding the big boys in the league because their players often play more games than the lower sides. For example, they might have had a big European game during the week and therefore the key players will be rested or tired at the weekend. If there’s been an international break then the lower teams will be well rested, the top players (from the top teams) will have been representing their countries. This means that they will not have had as much rest, plus they might have travelled to the other side of the globe.

Check Out The Different Types Of Bets

There are loads of different bets you can place these days, so you don’t just have to pick a team to win. Maybe you’re not sure about who will win, but you know that both sides will score because they’re defenses are weak and they’ve both got a superstar up front. SO just place a simple bet for both to score. If you’re pretty certain a team won’t lose you can place a great little bet for them to win or draw, this is one of my favourite because it covers you if the opposition get a last minute equalizer in injury time.

Do you have a flutter on the football at the weekend? It would be brilliant to hear what tips you follow, which teams you always avoid and also about any huge wins you have had.