5 reasons to visit Las Vegas this year

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Located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, Sin City has something for everyone, which is no wonder why it’s considered America’s no.1 tourist attraction. Ranging from its World Famous hotels and casinos to the breath taking sights of the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is a must on most peoples ‘bucket list’ and for those that have already crossed it off the list, they are sure to return to the bright lights.


Playing home to 8 of the top 10 largest hotels in the world, Las Vegas is more than able to cope with its +40 million tourist visitors a year. Whether you are looking to save money or splash the cash the many hotels are more than accommodating.


There isn’t much Las Vegas doesn’t offer. Everyday visitors have the option of concerts, comedy shows, musicals, sports, Broadway shows and much much more. Featuring some of the biggest names in show business on a regular basis it is no wonder why it is considered one of the entertainment capitals of the world.


With the Annual World Series of Poker held in Las Vegas, it has long been known worldwide for it’s gambling. Ever since Nevada was the first state to legalize casino style gambling in America, high rollers have travelled far and wide for a taste of the tables. Centered on 24hour casinos it is hard not to be tempted to a flutter on the tables. For those that are feeling lucky but aren’t a fan of the tables, there are many other gambling options from sports betting to slot machines; there isn’t much you cant gamble on in Sin City.

The Great Outdoors

Las Vegas has as much to offer outside the city as it does within. With activities such as kayaking, desert cycling and hiking to name a few it is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Combine that with the opportunity to visit Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Utah’s Zion National Park and of course the renowned Grand Canyon you are sure to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

The Strip

The 4.2-mile long strip surrounded by the blinding neon billboards, monstrous hotels and casinos, combined with the mesmerizing choreographed water fountain displays it’s hard not to be entertained everywhere you look which is why Las Vegas is just as busy with crowds outside as it is in.